NP-100 Fully Automatic over-wrapping Machine



NP-100  is a fully automatic overwrapping machine capable of wrapping speeds of up to 50 packs per minute. NP-100 is designed specially for the packaging of single, as well as bundles, at medium to higher speeds.

The wrapping film is feeded in a specific size. The film length easily is changed from the PLC screen (siemens). The nife cuts the film. After wrapping the film around the product it will be sealed by the front sealer. The wrapped product is located in the folding section in order to fold and seal the sides. The whole proceder is done automatically without any effort from the human.

With a PLC control system and HMI, quick change tooling, mechanical enhancements enable a wide range of applications and combine to offer a highly flexible and efficient production machine.

NP-100 is generally used for the packaging of single, as well as bundles of box shaped products such as:

Perfumes & Cosmetics, Tea & Coffee, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Soap, Confectionery & Sweets, Tobacco & Cigarettes and Food Products.

VideoTechnical Specifications

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