NP-400 Horizontal Flow Wrapping machine (servo system)



NP-400  is all electronic, robust and simple to operate. It offers excellent solutions for all industry sectors, including automatic and manual supply lines.

Flow wrapping which is also known as fin seal wrapping and horizontal bagging, is the process of wrapping a product in a clear or printed polypropylene film.The end result is a flexible package with a crimped top and bottom seal.

NP-400 Horizontal Flow Wrapping machine product range caters for a variety of speeds and application requirements. NP-400  speeds from 50 ppm up to 100 in modified atmosphere.Flow Wrapping solutions for irregular shaped items have various speeds.

NP-400 is generally used for the packaging of single, as well as bundles of products .

All kinds of food products can be flow wrapped; non-food products include such things as Perfumes & Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Soap, Leaflets, Booklets, Scratch cards, Electrical and Computer hardware.

Technical Specifications