The HSES (Horizontal Screw Extrusion System) automatically transfers prepared Hookah Tobacco from the mixer tank to the Square shaped nozzle exit, cut it as Rectangular Shaped molds between 50-1000 gr and automatically transfer it to the inverse horizontal flowwrap packaging machine which provides tightly sealed pouches.

Grammage Control device (Check-Weigher) can also be installed if desired at the output of the line which also works fully synchronized with the whole system.

• All Control System is provided with Omron brand PLC 7’’ touch screen.
• Screw filling system is Servo Motor driven and controlled on the screen.

Mixer system has two mixing heads and is controlled by speed driven Motor – Gearbox.
• Disassembling & cleaning the screw extruder can be done very easily.
• All body, surfaces and fittings are made of 304 quality stainless steel.
​• Format change on the flow-wrap packaging machine also very practical. Pouches with different volumes of 50 – 1000 gr can be adjusted very easily