NP-050 Semi Automatic over-wrapping Machine



NP-50 is a versatile overwrapping machine that is used for products with various sizes.

The wrapping film is feeded by a servo motor. The film length easily is changed from the PLC screen (siemens). The nife cuts the film is controlled by a piston. After wrapping the film around the product it can be sealed manually on the sealer. The wrapped product should be located in the pusher. Once the worker makes sure his safe he can press on a pedal to feed the product to the folding section in order to seal the sides.

Servo driven, PLC siemens, easily parts change and quickly film loading make the machine flexible and fast in changing between products which vary in sizes.

NP-50 is generally used for box shaped products such as:

Perfumes & Cosmetics, Tea & Coffee, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Soap, Confectionery & Sweets, Tobacco & Cigarettes, Paper & Converted Products and Food Products.

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